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If your here looking for personal injury law resources to help you prepare for a pending case, we’ve assembled a few important sites for you discover on your own. We encourage you to take a moment and look around these sites to help you see the road ahead, when you’re done looking a Oklahoma Personal Injury attorney at the Personal Injury Law Office of Oklahoma City is right here to help answer your questions about your unique personal injury.

Dog Bite Accidents: The Insurance Information Institute explains the possible scope of liability for a dog owner that attacks.

Oklahoma State Courts Network: OSCN provides unqiue search engines to help you keep track of your or a family members case through the legal system.

OSHA’s Construction Accidents: The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration explains the 4 most deadly types of work place accidents.

Medical Malpractice Issues: The University of Washington’s Law School Library provides a search engine for research involving medical malpractice issues.

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