Oklahoma City Personal Injury Attorney  What is a Deposition in an Oklahoma Personal Injury Case?

Oklahoma personal injury caseA plaintiff in an Oklahoma personal injury case can generally expect to be required to attend three specific events related to the case. These are the deposition, mediation and, if the mediation produces no settlement, the trial. This article explains what a deposition is in an Oklahoma personal injury case.

A Deposition in an Oklahoma Personal Injury Case

A deposition is a process whereby the defendant or plaintiff in an Oklahoma personal injury case is questioned verbally by an attorney while under oath. The answers provided to these questions will be recorded by a court reporter for use in the trial.

Here are several examples of questions you might be asked during a deposition:

  • What, when and where the accident happened.

  • What you did after the accident.

  • What safety precautions you took prior to the accident.

  • What injuries you sustained.

  • How you sustained the injuries.

  • When you first noticed you were injured.

  • If you have had any pre-existing injuries.

  • If you saw a doctor after the accident, and when.

  • What treatment you are receiving and/or require.

  • How the injury has affected your life.

  • What financial losses you have suffered.

  • Why you believe the defendant is at fault.

Typically, before the deposition, you and your attorney will go over the questions you might be asked to insure that you answer the questions truthfully and in a manner that is in the best interest of your personal injury claim.

Depositions are used to “lock in” your testimony, which means that the other attorney will then be able to use your deposition to find discrepancies between what you say in court and what you said in your deposition to undermine your testimony.

In addition, depositions can be used to enter into trial the testimony of witnesses who cannot be in trial for one reason or another.

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