Oklahoma City Personal Injury Attorney  Eight Things to Do After a Car Accident in Oklahoma

personal injury attorneyInsurance companies look to benefit themselves, not you.  When you are involved in a car accident, they look for ways to pay you as little as possible for your claim. Thus, it is your responsibility to take steps immediately after an car accident to protect your right to compensation for any injuries you suffer and all losses you incur. Here are several things you should remember to do after a car accident in Oklahoma.

1. Do not move your car.

Leave your car where it is unless it is absolutely necessary to prevent further accidents or injuries. Leaving your car where it landed after the accident will allow the police to use the position of the vehicles, the skid marks and other evidence to reconstruct the accident. If you must move your car, use a camera phone to take photos of the accident before you do so.

2. Stay calm.

Though it may be difficult, you should remain calm. Losing your head will only make a bad situation worse. Someone needs to remain calm in order to assess the damage, assist others who have been injured and call for immediate medical attention when needed.

3. Visit a doctor.

Always seek immediate medical attention. Insurance companies will often attempt to deny your claim if you didn’t seek immediate medical attention after an accident.  Even if you feel fine, it’s always advisable to get checked out just in case. Often the shock and adrenaline rush following the accident will mask the pain, which makes it a difficult for you to know you have been injured. Likewise, some injuries don’t have immediate symptoms and are difficult to detect right away. Regardless of how you feel, it is in your best interest to have a physician examine you.

4. Call the police.

Obtain a police report, even for minor car accidents.  The police report will provide the insurance companies with details which let them know how your claim should be processed.  In addition, a detailed and accurate police report can prevent you from being responsible for any claims that fall outside of what has been recorded in the police report.

5. Exchange information.

Obtain important information from the other drivers involved, and give them your relevant information as well. Be sure to collect all necessary insurance information, as well as the addresses and phone numbers of the other drivers involved. All too often, persons involved in the accident will flee or attempt to flee from the scene of the accident. The photos and video you take will help in this regard since they will allow you to record evidence that may be used to track the other driver(s) down later.

6. Find witnesses to the car accident.

People don’t always tell the truth, especially when they risk losing money or having higher insurance rates. A witness who has no interest in the outcome of the case and who can attest to the truth can work in your favor.

7. Contact your insurance company.

Call your insurance company within 48 hours of your accident, if not sooner. In fact, in some cases you may want to call your insurance company from the scene of the accident.  The police may be willing to speak with your insurance agent for you to provide them with information that you may report inaccurately due to the stress you are under after having just been in a car accident.

8. Consult with an attorney.

Call an attorney as soon as possible after your car accident. An experienced personal injury attorney will make sure you have taken the steps to secure your ability to be compensated for the damages. Your personal injury attorney will also take the burden of dealing with the insurance companies off of your shoulders, so that you can focus on recuperating from any injuries you have sustained.

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