Oklahoma City Personal Injury Attorney  Should I Sign a Release After an Injury in Oklahoma?

sign a releaseIf you have been injured in an accident in Oklahoma and an insurance company is pressuring you to accept a settlement offer, here is some basic information to help you decide whether to accept the offer and sign a release for your injury.

When Not to Sign a Release After an Injury in Oklahoma

Typically, an insurance company will put forth a huge effort to compel you to settle early and sign a release. By signing a release, you will absolve the insurance company from any responsibility to compensate you for any future developments with injuries, and the release will bar you from reopening your claim to seek additional compensation.

So, for the insurance company, settling your claim early is in their best interest, and it can save them lots of money in medical expenses that they might otherwise be liable to pay. For this reason, when they are sure that they are liable to pay you, they will send an adjuster to speak with you right away.

The insurance adjuster’s main goal is to get your signature on a release before he or she walks out the door. It is highly likely that the insurance company will make you an offer on the adjuster’s first visit, regardless of whether you will need further treatment for your injuries after you sign the release or not.

Some injuries can be difficult to diagnose early on, and the prognosis for these kinds of injuries can be unclear.  So, until you and your physician have had time to evaluate thoroughly your injuries and know your long term prognosis, you should not sign any document accepting an offer or releasing the insurance company from its liability to compensate you fully.

When You are Ready to Sign a Release After an Injury in Oklahoma

When you know the full extent of your injuries and believe that you are ready to sign a release, remember that you are under no obligation to accept any offer that you don’t think is fair. You can just inform the adjuster that you are not prepared to sign a release and that you will contact him later with a counter-offer that you think is fair, in consideration of the nature and extent of the injuries you have sustained and the financial losses you have incurred.

The consequences of signing  a release too soon can be devastating. You can lose your ability to be compensated adequately for the totality of your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, etc.  So, before accepting or making any offer to settle your injury claim in Oklahoma, you should seek the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney.

It takes years of experience in personal injury law to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a personal injury claim and to know what a claim is worth. An experienced personal injury attorney can assist you in obtaining the maximum amount of compensation possible.

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