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When you suffer a catastrophic injury, the expenses can add up fast. Insurance deductibles, lost wages and added costs for personal care can wear away the savings you’ve set aside and leave you with crippling debt. If the injury was the result of someone else’s negligence and carelessness, you could be owed compensation.

Waiting too long to notify those responsible could cost you the opportunity to claim the compensation due to you. Before you lose the chance to fully recover your financial health, contact an Oklahoma City personal injury attorney to discuss details of your injury. For a no cost consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer, call today at (405) 716-4878  (716-HURT).

Pay Nothing Unless You Get Paid

Because we know the financial damage an accident can cause – to you and to your family – Personal Injury Law Office of Oklahoma City doesn’t charge retainer fees. We don’t accept cases unless we are so confident you are owed compensation, we’re willing to put our own time on the line. You’ve taken enough risk and suffered enough loss. We want to see you made whole again – physically and financially.

Most people recovering from an unexpected accident want nothing more than to put the entire experience in the past. Lingering disfigurement, disabling injuries – even the loss of a loved one — sometimes make full recovery impossible. Even when you are fortunate enough to heal from physical injuries, the financial damage can be devastating.

At Personal Injury Law Office of Oklahoma City, a skilled Oklahoma personal injury attorney assists clients to get their lives back on track after debilitating accidents. When you get a settlement, then you can settle up with us. No sooner, and not ever if we don’t get a settlement for you.

Free Consultation:
Oklahoma City Personal Injury Attorney

You pay nothing for our representation in personal injury cases until we get you the compensation you deserve. Before we even start working on your case, we want you to know where you stand. A call to Personal Injury Law Office of Oklahoma City costs you nothing, but the information you receive could be invaluable.

For a free, no-risk consultation with a knowledgeable Oklahoma City personal injury attorney, call today: (405) 716-4878  (716-HURT).

If you prefer, you may send your question via e-mail using the form at the top right of this page. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible. Don’t wait another minute to find out what you may be owed. Call Personal Injury Law Office of Oklahoma City today!