Oklahoma City Personal Injury Attorney  Who Is Liable for Injuries from a Company Vehicle Accident?

company vehicle accidentIn Oklahoma City, liability can be a complex subject when an employee has a company vehicle accident.

Usually, if the employee was negligent and the employee’s negligence caused the accident, there are situations in which the employee would be held liable and some situations in which the employer would be held liable.

Scope of Company Vehicle Accident

Generally, if the employee was acting within what is called the “course and scope” of his or her duties for the employer at the time of the accident, the employer may be held liable for the negligent act of the employee while driving a company vehicle in Oklahoma City.

Thus, if the employee is delivering something for the employer and is involved in a company vehicle accident, the employee would be acting within the course and scope of his or her employment and the employer could be held liable.

But if the employee stops for a cup of coffee or a bagel while on the employer’s delivery, the employee may no longer be within course and scope.

The employee is no longer acting on behalf of the employer, but is instead acting on his or her own behalf. Thus, cases involving a company vehicle accident in Oklahoma City tend to be quite fact-bound.

Employer Negligence

This is another theory that may lead to an employer being held liable for an Oklahoma City company vehicle accident caused by an employee.

Let’s say the employer hires a driver with a poor driving record. The employee has had many accidents, but the employer fails to fully check the employee’s driving record before hiring the employee to make deliveries.

In this case, it is likely that both the employer and the employee may be found liable.

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