Oklahoma City Personal Injury Attorney  What matters to a jury in an Oklahoma personal injury trial?

personal injury trialMost personal injury cases are settled before going to trial. However, if the case goes to trial, you and the defendant will be given the chance to present evidence in support of your case. As the plaintiff, you will have the burden of proof and will present your case first. You will provide evidence, witnesses, and testimonies to establish the defendant’s liability and the amount of your damages. What follows is a brief discussion of what is significant to a jury in an Oklahoma personal injury trial.

The Jury’s Responsibility in a Personal Injury Trial

In a personal injury trial, as in any jury trial, it is the responsibility of the jury to determine the facts of the case. It is the jury, not the judge, who will ultimately decide if the defendant will be held liable for the injuries you have sustained. So, it’s the jury’s job to listen to the evidence and evaluate the credibility of witness testimony.

Once all evidence has been presented and all witness testimony has been heard, the jury must then apply the law to the facts presented during the trial. The jury must decide what information is relevant and applicable, and then plug this information into the framework given to them by the judge presiding over the case in what are called “jury instructions.”

The jury must then return a verdict. Depending on the judge’s instructions, the jury may find in favor of the plaintiff if the evidence “ever so slightly” suggests a breach of duty by the defendant; or they may find in favor of the defendant if the evidence “ever so slightly” suggests otherwise.

What Matters to a Jury in a Personal Injury Trial

Generally, the jury is concerned with the following:

  • How you were injured;
  • Why the defendant should be held liable for the accident;
  • Why there is no comparative liability on your part;
  • A description of the pain and suffering you have endured, including financial losses, future treatment needed for the injuries you have sustained, and the amount of your medical expenses.

Typically, juries can tell the difference between the truth and a lie. They can also tell the difference between someone who is legitimately injured versus someone who is trying to capitalize on a minor incident for profit.

A skilled personal injury attorney will tie the testimony and evidence to the law in a way that convincingly argues why the jury should find in your favor and hold the defendant liable for your damages.

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