Oklahoma City Personal Injury Attorney  Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Oklahoma City?

do-i-need-a-personal-injury-lawyerA common question is, “do I need a personal injury lawyer in Oklahoma City?”

Under Oklahoma law, a personal injury is bodily harm sustained through another person’s deliberate or negligent activities.

Personal injuries could be caused by a motor vehicle accident, a physical assault, or a slip and fall at a home or business.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Oklahoma City?

In many cases, people who have suffered physically and emotionally due to someone else’s behavior may need to request the assistance of an Oklahoma City personal injury attorney. Insurance companies typically offer larger sums of money to people represented by an attorney.

Unlike most types of attorneys, personal injury lawyers usually take their cases on a contingency basis. In other words, they do not get paid unless you get money. Usually a personal injury attorney will take a percentage of the settlement.

Navigating your finances, medical bills, and legal issues after a personal injury may feel overwhelming.

However, remember that time is on your side. The longer it takes an insurance company to settle a case, the more money on legal fees they spend. So it is in their best interests to offer you a reasonable settlement instead of going to court.

Additional Considerations

If you have suffered a personal injury in Oklahoma City, be careful whom you talk to. Do not talk to the person at fault or to their insurance company without speaking to an attorney.

Also, if you miss work or other activities due to the pain of your personal injury, write it down. Dates, times, and specific descriptions can help you greatly especially if your case has to go before a judge or a jury.

Do not exaggerate symptoms to try to get extra money; more often than not such deceptions backfire and can even cause you to be charged with a crime of fraud.

Keep copies of any medical records supporting your claims. It is much easier to keep good records from the beginning than to try to get copies later on.

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