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Fighting Back

Each year, an estimated 4.7 million dog bites occur around the country including some here in Oklahoma City.  Nearly 800,000 people a year require medical treatment from dog bites. If you are one of those people, an Oklahoma City dog bite attorney can help review your situation to see if you should fight for the compensation you may deserve.

Just because some dog owners have signs that says, “Beware of Dogs” does not mean they are off the hook for any injuries caused by their animals. An Oklahoma City dog bite attorney at Personal Injury Law Office of Oklahoma City will fight to help get your life back on track. You pay nothing for our representation in personal injury cases until we get you the compensation you deserve.

Expensive Road Ahead

The pain and emotional suffering from a dog bite can take a real toll on the entire family’s financial resources.  It’s estimated that dog bites cause $1 billion in damages each year. Victims’ costs after a dog bite can include doctors appointments, reconstructive surgery and, of course, missed work. We’re here to listen to your specific situation to help you understand the possible options you have to help you recover financial damages now and protect for the future.

Most Victims: Children

If your child has been bitten by a dog or other animal, he or she deserves the very best medical treatment to try and put this traumatic and painful moment behind them. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 82% of emergency room visits involve children under the age of 15. Other statistics paint a chilling picture of the problem of dog bites in Oklahoma and around the country showing that 70% of fatal dog bite attacks involve children under the age of 10 years old. An Oklahoma City dog bite attorney can help review your specific situation to understand the best course of possible action.

Animal Attack Victims’ Advocate

Under Oklahoma state law, dog owners and owners of other domestic animals are required to restrain their animals so as to prevent an attack. It’s important to point out that the requirement to restrain animals also includes farm animals such as cattle, horses and other livestock. If any animal that should have been under someone else’s control has attacked you, you may be entitled to possible compensation.

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